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Original score composed by Jesse Worley
01 - The Forest & The Hidden Camp (Serenegoh Suite)
MP3, 128 KB/s, 6:26 min., 5.89 MB

02 - Jeff's Walk (Forgotten)
MP3, 128 KB/s, 5:01 min., 4.59 MB

03 - The Battles (A Call to Arms)
MP3, 128 KB/s, 5:11 min., 4.75 MB

04 - Facing Truth & End Credits (Return To Lothloria)
MP3, 128 KB/s, 5:38 min., 5.16 MB
Mehr Musik von Jesse Worley / More Music by Jesse Worley:
Sein Kommentar zum Film / His comment on the film:
"Fight!" is launched

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